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Choosing your Home & Buildings Insurance

There are many online websites that will happily sell you a policy. I use the word sell because that is what they do. They have no real idea about what you, individually, should have, as long as you are happy with their low prices.

This of course leads to problems when you want to make a claim! You may find yourself being told that you didn't insure enough, and that the claim is being reduced accordingly; or that you aren't in fact insured at all for the loss! Claiming can be difficult - you'll be dealing with a voice on the end of a phone.

Let me also assure you that it is a myth that online websites are always the cheapest!

Home and Buildings Insurance - The Personal Service

I will help you find the policy that is best suited to your circumstances, at the right price, to the right level, and with a company that has the reputation of paying claims promptly and without argument.

Possibly the best reason for using me to organise your insurance is that when you have a problem and you need to make a claim I will be there to help you through that process and deal with any questions you may have.

The days of good old fashioned service are not dead yet! Call me today and I'll help you get the most from your house and buildings insurances.

Steve Dyson

Your home may be repossessed if you do not maintain repayments on a mortgage or loan secured on it. Independent Mortgage Matters is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority - FSA No 300920. Written details of credit terms are available on request. A life insurance policy may be required. Redemption penalties may be payable to an existing lender.

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